Cast of the Dome

by Big Neck Police

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released May 20, 2014

engineered by big neck police
album art by robin sirc (slight adjustment by big neck police)


tags: punk New York



Big Neck Police New York, New York

we're a band from new york. if you want to talk to us about something.


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Track Name: Like My Hair
hey honey do you like my hair? x2
do you like my hair from the bottom of the stairs?
hey, i really like your eyes! x2
i like your eyes when they fill up with lust
at my lies.
hey, you like my guitar? x2
well you can be my silent queen
when i'm a real big star.
you like my guitar?
Track Name: Grekboy
i'm goin upstairs
to the arkansaw

i'm goin downstairs
to the parking lot

Im goin out there
to the opera house

(doll eyes take me out there)

disposable grammy
doll eyes looked right through me
disposable family
Track Name: Good Machine
play dumb, fall in love-
that's right!

hate me, hate yourself-
good boy!

pretty picture tells me
I'm so ugly
silver screen tells me
I need a good machine.

I need a good machine-
a good boy!

i need a fancy cream!

pretty picture tells me
women are my enemy
silver screen tells me
bigotry is comedy.